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A team of experienced Property Advisors well positioned to explore a world of opportunities for our clients.


We're property experts providing independent real market advice that ensures our clients buy low and sell high.


Because we love property. And we believe that buying and selling property should be a rewarding experience.


We've been dealing in property in Vadodara for more than 5 years but we established Lotus Estate Agency in 2014 and have never looked back.




Experienced Property Agent
Respected Property Advisor



Marketing & Business Operations
Experienced Communicator
IT GEEK and an Experienced System Admin ( I am deep into technology)


Property can be a very rewarding proposition, if you know what your doing. We founded Lotus Estate Agency on the premise that we wanted to truly help people succeed in property. We made a commitment to improving the integrity and equity of property transactions in Vadodara and since then we've been fortunate enough to help our clients each with their own specific needs.

We think that, in work as in life, you get the best results when you keep it simple. For us, that's meant doing what we're good at and being honest with our clients.

We're a unique agency but we like it that way. It allows us to stay flexible, easily respond to trends and offer the best service imaginable.

We know we have the skills and experience to help even the most astute investor get value for money.

Whatever your requirements may be, we can talk property all day and would love to hear from you.

Gurmel Singh & Brij Mohan - Founders


The biggest difference when comparing property advisors is that Lotus Estate Agency was founded and is operated by a person having more than 18 years of experience with Indian Defense Forces. He further pursued his dreams and became a Class 1 officer with Govt of India. He is now a retiree and works full time for Lotus Estate Agency.

He is joined by his Son, Brij Mohan who is an expert in technology. He is an Experienced Communicator and handles Marketing & Business Operations of Lotus Estate Agency. Apart from this, He works as "Technical Lead" for a US based company dealing in variety of colocation, dedicated server hosting, managed server hosting, managed security services, and cloud hosting services. An IT GEEK and an Experienced System Admin, He is deep into technology.

When talking about Lotus Estate Agency, we're not talking about an agency who is just selling and buying of property without evaluating facts and figure. Being a Property Agency is not an easy profession - it can be difficult to tell someone that their property which they thought they bought for a bargain price 12 months ago wasn't worth what they paid for it then and probably still isn't worth that in today's market.

We works on facts and figures - unlike other agencies who may use favourable sales in an appraisal to suggest a properties worth - we research and analyse factual sales data to establish what the property is actually worth and produce a fair market valuation that will hold up to its ground at the time of negotiation and sale. After seeing one too many contracts, where yet again some misinformed buyer who thought they were receiving a better deal was unfortunately taken advantage of, We decided it was time to put our skills and contacts to good use and started people buy property for the right price before it was too late.

Working as a Real Estate Agent for over 5 years and having dealt in properties across Gujarat for the past 10 years. Yes, We have seen it all. We have spent our lives living and growing up all across India. We have discovered the true value of how we can help protect people from making bad financial decisions when it comes to purchasing and selling property.

We have lost count of how many people every year attempt to pay excessive amounts for property for the most bizarre reasons and likewise how many people will let their property sit on the market for 12 months because they 'know' the agent marketing it or they have unrealistic expectations of what it's worth, in the end they miss the market and suffer from it financially.

Some are from interstate or from overseas and don't really know the local market values. Some are the old cliché 'too much money and not enough sense'. Some get emotionally attached leading to regret down the track, some have been influenced by heavily marketed developer product who have been under pressure to sell property to make targets and agency budgets. A majority of our clients are Vadodara Locals who not only want to buy properties, they want the facts.

Time and time again, we have enjoyed helping, educate clients of a properties true worth through our local knowledge and experience dealing in all levels of property from first home buyers (the most fragile and vulnerable) through to highly experienced investors who may have lost touch with local reality or simply don't have time to do the legwork.

It is a compliment when we are contacted to discuss levels of value and asked if we can help advise of potential opportunities from some of the most successful and respected property owners in the business.

Now it is time for us to help others get value for money out of every property transaction. The only way to guide people before they are committed is to be there from the start. Every single one of our clients benefits from our proven history and experience from day one.

Just as it was the day we started, our mission will always be to protect our clients from paying too much and from being mislead in the selling process.

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