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Property Management


1. Support for Tenants

Corporate/ Private Clients expect prompt service when they rent a property. Attending to tenant needs could be very stressful and time consuming for landlords who lead busy lives or live abroad. When you appoint Lotus Estate Agency to manage your property, you can rest assured that your property and tenant will be given the essential care and service that they require in a professional and timely manner.


2. Peace of mind for Landlords

These days managed properties are in demand with tenants who want professional services that are prompt and convenient. Our Property Management services for landlords are designed to bring you peace of mind and relieve you from your commitment of being a full-time landlord. With us around, you can spend more time enjoying your investment while we maintain a pro-active relationship with your tenant on your behalf.


3. Free Inspections

As part of our services, we will conduct free annual inspections so that you will be in tune with any suggested changes and improvements if required, giving you the reassurance that your property is always in good condition for future rentals. This service also aims at providing landlords the platform to minimizing their potentially expensive repair work by taking prompt action.

For Tenants who prefer Managed Properties

Don't be surprised if you are in a situation where you have finally found a rental property that you can call home only to find that it lacks the finesse that comes with a managed property. The concept of managed properties is virtually non-existent in Vadodara, which is why we have decided to formulate a special tenant package where you can appoint us to resolve your day-to-day issues.


Quick fix Solutions

We only use contractors who provide the best quality services at competitive rates, so tenants and landlords can stay stress free.

Our Standard Home maintenance services include:

A minimum of one detailed Inspection visit once every three month comprising the following:

  • An initial full documented inventory of your property compilation along with its contents and the same will be sent to you
  • Detailed visual inspection of the exterior, for any obvious defects.
  • Detailed visual inspection of the interior noting the general and specific state of the d├ęcor, checking for wear and tear.
  • Complete airing all the rooms properly if not occupied.
  • Check for termites, pests and vermin and recommend remedial action.
  • Testing of all home appliances and other equipment to make sure they are in good working order.
  • Examining all furniture, fixings and furnishings.
  • Checking all electric, plumbing and sanitary equipment.
  • Ensuring security measures are in place.
  • Generating Dilapidations Report detailing any problems or recommendations regarding your property (complete with photographs where necessary).
  • We email this to you and act on your request towards maintaining the same.
  • Acting as your official representative, securely storing all your keys if required.
  • Arrange and supervise maintenance work if required as directed by the owner.
  • Additional Management Services.

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